When You Should Hire a Business Lawyer in Tyler, TX

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Lawyer

If you own your own business, then you are probably already aware of how challenging it can be to handle legal matters that pop up. Don’t think you can handle it on your own, as this can lead to a great deal of wasted time, energy and effort on your part. Make sure you have a business lawyer in Tyler TX who can help you through your legal woes and ensure that all the decisions you make are ethically sound. If you have never hired a lawyer for business matters before, then you may not be sure of the best way to go about the process. Here are times when it would benefit you to follow the expert advice of a business law attorney.

Workers Compensation Claims

If you have an employee who claims to have been hurt on the job, but feel this isn’t accurate, then make sure you hire an attorney to help you. They will review the specifics of the case and look for holes in the story. Don’t let an employee scare you into giving into their demands. Make sure you do what you need to keep your business financially secure.

Unemployment Claims

If you have employees who are applying for unemployment, but are not due this benefit, then let a Business Lawyer in Tyler, TX review the claims. They can look at the reasoning for the employees’ dismissal and help prove to the state that they are not due any compensation from you. This can save you money on wages and your unemployment insurance.


Liability Claims

If you have a consumer who was injured on your property who is now trying to sue you, then make sure you hire an attorney. They can pull the information necessary to ensure that you only pay what you are legally required to do so. Don’t let the carless acts of a consumer threaten the safety and security of your company.

Make sure your company is safe now and in the future by contacting the Healy Law Offices, P.C.. His team has the experience to properly represent your company. Don’t go into legal matters alone, when you can have his expert guidance through the entire process. Make the call today to ensure your company has a financially secure future.

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