Help Your Staff Do Their Job With A Portable Banquet Bar

Staff bartenders that work with small or large catering companies are often set to venues where they are working under less than ideal conditions. When this happens it reflects back on the catering company as people in attendance pick up on the stress and difficulties that the staff is experiencing. If the equipment is somehow slowing down service it is going to be seen as negative. One way to prevent this issue for your bartenders is to provide them with a portable banquet bar that can easily be set up on site.

Table or Portable Banquet Bar?

A lot of catering companies that don’t have a portable banquet bar end up using a simple table with a decorative cloth. This is a big problem for the bartender or bartenders for several reasons. First, there is no way to set up the bar that works to easily find, pour and mix drinks since everything is at one level on the table without specialized areas. Secondly people crowd the table and bump the table, resulting in spilled drinks and accidents. Thirdly the cloth is constantly being pulled and bunching up, resulting in more risk of spills and waste.

Portable Banquet Bar Benefits

The portable banquet bar is exactly like a permanent bar in all aspects of the design. This allows the bartender to pour and mix drinks at table level and then serve to guest at the slightly higher counter level. The design of the portable banquet bar should also include a speed well that will allow the bartender to set up the bottles he or she uses the most to quickly mix the drinks and work through customers.

Another key feature to consider of the portable banquet bar over the table is that you don’t have to worry about those annoying decorative table cloths. Instead, the front and side panels of the portable banquet bar can feature your logo, company name or a graphic in a permanent, professional looking, durable and safe display.

For an added touch consider a top frame that could hold an interactive flat screen display, an iPad with information about specials or even lights that can add color and emphasis to the bar area.

Portable banquet bar models that are designed with efficiency in mind can help your bartenders do their job. To see the features we offer view our products online at

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