Help After a Pedestrian-Related Car Accident in Hattiesburg, MS

According to the NHTSA, more than 60,000 pedestrians are injured in car accidents each year. It only takes a 10-mph crash to cause severe injuries and disability, while a 30+ mph crash can be fatal. As a motorist, you should know what to do in the event of a Car Accident in Hattiesburg, MS. By talking to the right people and remaining calm, you can reduce your liability. You should also learn how damages are awarded, and how to avoid pedestrian contact at all.

After an Accident: What you Should Do

Most people that hit a pedestrian are very upset afterward. If you’re involved in a Car Accident in Hattiesburg, MS, try to focus on:
1. Safety. Get anyone who’s hurt to a safe place, and don’t try to give anything other than legally-required emergency medical treatment.
2. Getting legal and medical assistance. Call the police, EMTs and the driver’s and pedestrian’s insurance companies. If you may face charges, call a defense attorney if possible. When the authorities and the insurers arrive, give honest statements on how the accident occurred.

3. Keeping the information exchange to a minimum. If the person you’ve hit isn’t incapacitated, give them your name, number and insurance information. Don’t talk at length with them or their friends; admitting fault or making statements of guilt can leave you vulnerable to a personal injury suit. Don’t speak directly to the pedestrian’s insurance company or insurer; direct all communication through your lawyer or insurer.

Who’s At Fault?

When a pedestrian is hit, the first question is usually one of fault. In most cases, fault is determined by negligence laws; a person failing to exercise reasonable care can be deemed negligent. However, negligence can be shared between driver and pedestrian. For instance, a pedestrian could be jaywalking while the driver is speeding.

Some states use the contributory negligence rule, which means that if the pedestrian is even one percent at fault, they cannot recover damages. Other states use the comparative fault doctrine, which allows pedestrians to recover a portion of their damages regardless of fault. To sort out the particulars of your Car Accident in Hattiesburg, MS, you should call an accident attorney.

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