Getting Cash for Junk Cars in Chicago

by | Aug 8, 2012 | Automotive And Cars

It’s easy to get cash for junk cars in Chicago or in the surrounding area. How much depends on the car and the buyer. Follow these tips to get the most for your junker:

Call the Junkyard

The junkyard buys broken down cars because they know that some parts still work. People visit to find parts for cars they are repairing so eventually they will make some money on the ride you leave behind. The amount they’ll pay is rarely more than a few hundred dollars, however, so you may want to consider piecing the car out by yourself or selling it to another company that will.

Check Out Craigslist and Other Classifieds

Sometimes, people on Craigslist or through the newspaper classifieds will give you cash for junk cars in Chicago. These people piece them out for parts or are able to handle the repairs the cars need. Sometimes a car is worth more repaired and resold than cut to pieces.

Placing your car in a Craigslist ad helps you get a feel for what it might be worth. List as many of the pros and cons as possible and then expect to have people visit. You may want to keep your car somewhere neutral – like a parking lot where many people are selling used vehicles – so strangers don’t have to visit your home.

Find a Company that Buys Junk Cars

If you can’t sell your auto to someone else for the purpose of fixing it up, your best bet may be a company that specializes in giving people cash for junk cars in Chicago. Some of these businesses will part the cars out, while others will sell the entire car to a scrap metal dealer. Usually they have established business relationships with these people and can get much more than you would if you tried to sell your auto directly. That doesn’t mean you won’t need the appropriate paperwork to sell your auto. Most businesses will not buy a car – not even for scrap – without a valid title.

Taking cash for junk cars in Chicago is more prevalent than you might think. You don’t have to sell for bottom dollar to a junk yard. There are companies and individuals who will give you good money for a car that is no longer running. All you have to do is check out your options.

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