For Your Unexpected Injuries Or Illnesses, Don’t Run To The ER, Try An Urgent Care

by | Dec 22, 2014 | Health

When you have an unexpected illness or injury, going to the emergency room can end up a pricey trip. Urgent Medical Care in Middletown NY can give you the treatment that you need for much less cost. They will treat you with understanding and compassion that you get at your regular physicians office. The best part of an urgent care is you don’t need an appointment like a doctor’s office. You can walk right through the door and be treated.

Urgent Medical Care in Middletown NY can treat such conditions as:

* Allergic reactions

* Abdominal pains

* Sinus infections

* Sports injuries

* Ear aches

* Rashes

* And many other ailments.

Urgent care can also perform sports physicals and accepts most medical insurance plans. Many times, depending on the insurance, you’re only responsible for your copay if you were going to your regular physician. Urgent cares are also opening normally longer than regular doctor offices. Another benefit of Orange Urgent Care is they also have their x-ray and EKG equipment so you don’t need to go to the hospital. They can check for a broken bone or heart issues right in their office. They can examine you after a car accident as long as it is not life-threatening.

Urgent cares also offer immunizations for you or your children, drug tests for employment and DOT physicals. Urgent cares are a full-service medical facility as long as it is not life-threatening, such as a stab wound, gunshot, overdose of drugs and similar conditions. They also have several licensed doctors and physicians assistants that cover both external and internal medicine.

If you don’t have a regular physician that you see, you can schedule an appointment on-line with a no wait guarantee. All you need to do is show up 15 minutes before your appointment with your medical concern. If you’re evaluated within 20 minutes after you arrive, you will receive two movie tickets to enjoy yourself. You still need to be seen by a physician in order to get your movie tickets. They care about your health and want you to be healthy to get to your movie. Don’t wait for days to get into a physician’s office when an urgent care can give you that service less the wait.

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