Finding The Right Lemon Law Attorney

Law OfficeFor anyone that is considering purchasing a used car it is very important that before the transaction is completed that the purchaser become intimate with the lemon laws in their state. Consumer Protection laws have been designed to provide the consumer with protection in the event the vehicle they purchase repeatedly fails to meet the standards deemed acceptable in their state. It is a common misconception that if a used car is purchased “as-is” have no rights or recourse for damages that result from the purchase of this faulty vehicle. Even though the car in question may not be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty does not mean that the purchaser has no protection under the law, just as the purchaser of a new car has rights under the lemon law, buyer of a used car also has the right to hire a lemon law attorney if he or she feels they have been wronged.

It should be noted that lemon laws vary considerably from one state to another, in some states used vehicles or vehicles that have been returned off lease are not covered under existing lemon laws. In situations like this buyers must exercise considerable caution when considering the purchase of a used car and they should always seek an opinion from an unbiased mechanic as to the roadworthiness and condition of the vehicle.

Finding a lemon law attorney:

The law is vast, there are many areas of the law and no one attorney can be conversant with them all, the result is that attorneys tend to focus their practice on a narrow sector of the law. Just as you would not use the lawyer that helped you buy your house to represent you in a case of medical malpractice for example you would not use this lawyer to help if you are faced with a case involving your states lemon law.

For representation you must research the attorneys in your area that have a track record in winning lemon law cases. A very helpful tool is the internet but it is often best if you can get a personal recommendation. Although you might not turn to your real estate lawyer for representation, you may be well advised to approach him or her for an introduction to an attorney that does prosecute lemon law cases.

Get in touch with the attorneys that you have shortlisted, find out what the results were of the last dozen lemon law cases he or she handled. The mark of an excellent lemon law attorney is the number of cases in which he was successful. Browse the site for more information.

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