Finding a Great Social Security Disability Lawyer in New Bedford, MA

Each year, there is a large percentage of Social Security disability applications that are denied by the Social Security Administration. This can be completely devastating for the person whose claim is denied and can have major effects on their quality of life and ability to pay for a home, food, and other necessities. If you are going to appeal your denial, then you will need the help of an expert Social Security disability lawyer to ensure a good outcome for your case.

What Questions to Ask

To narrow down your search for a great Social Security disability lawyer in New Bedford, MA, make sure that you are getting all of the necessary information up front before hiring the attorneys. Find out how accessible they will be when you have questions or problems and if they have too many clients to give you the individual attention that you need. Also ask about their experience and what kind of track record they have in winning appeals. While it may not seem as important, you also need to be sure that you get along with any lawyer who you are considering hiring or your appeals process will be very uncomfortable.

Getting Recommendations

There is a good chance that you know a friend or family member who has had to use a Social Security disability lawyer in the past. Getting the name of that lawyer is a great place to start. It’s also a good idea to go online and read the reviews of the lawyer who you are considering hiring to make sure that past clients were happy with their services.

The best chance that you will have at winning your appeal is if you have an expert lawyer on your side.  to learn more about this process and how we can help you.

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