Find 130 Million Parts in a Data Base at Auto Salvage Parts in Oklahoma

When you are looking for a used vehicle part it is nice to find one without crawling over wrecked vehicles and then removing the grease covered part yourself and cleaning it so it is usable. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this any longer because the age of computers has come to the recycler business.

A new computer system has built a network of recyclers to list 120 million inventoried parts in any one of many salvage and recycle yards across America. This system will describe the part, its condition, and often the origination of the part or the reason why the part is in the recycle data base. Auto Salvage Parts in Central Oklahoma is a participant.

This is the fastest way to sort through thousands of salvage yards and recylers. With 120 million inventoried parts in this database, the search is quick and easy. There is even an image search to easily check on a part if you are not sure it is the right part. This system enables you to sort your results by price, grade, or location distance. If you wish, you can click on the Live Chat button to connect you to the recycler so you can ask questions or arrange a purchase. This feature is available at Auto Salvage Parts in Central Oklahoma.

This system has been developed by the web hosting company which designed a secure intranet for the United Nations and built a web hosting facility for Viacom. This facility served 37 million hits per day for its clients. An indication of the size of this data hosting company is the size of their own data center.

Mechanics and others looking for a recycled part with the part history now have an easy way to find the part and compare the price to the price charged by other recycle yards. This system at Auto Salvage Parts in Central Oklahoma saves so much time for the mechanic, and the search is cost-effective by enabling the part with the best price to be found.

The recycle yards can handle more parts because they can sell more parts in a shorter period of time. The computer based system enables parts to be found faster, and in to be found at all in many instances, so the recyler is able to sell more parts and scrap fewer. The system is available at Al’s Auto Salvage.


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