Evaluating The Best Non Rawhide Chews For Dogs

Most dog owners today are aware of the dangers of rawhide chews for dogs. While supervising the dog and removing a rawhide treat can reduce the risk of choking or swallowing large amounts of rawhide, just a second of distraction is all most dog’s need to swallow the sticky, slimy mess.

Finding the best non rawhide chews for dogs is important for many responsible dog owners. Thankfully, there are products on the market today which offer a safe, healthy alternative to rawhide. However, as with any chew, it is always important for the owner to supervise the dog when he or she is in enjoying the bone. This is the same for raw bones, which can easily lodge in a dog’s mouth or create a choking hazard if swallowed.

Look for Natural Ingredients

The primary ingredients for the best non rawhide chews should be those which are good for a dog. Pork and chicken skin, milk and peanut butter are great examples. In addition, look for a product with added nutrients and vitamins. They may be listed with their correct ingredient names, so you will need to do your research.

For example, thiamine hydrochloride may sound strange, but it is actually Thiamine and is required for a dog’s metabolism. D-calcium pantothenate is commonly known as Vitamin B-5 and is required for energy as well as metabolizing carbohydrates and proteins.

Look for Size Options

Different sizes of dogs and different types of chewers will have a different need for sizes, shapes, and types of non rawhide chews. Companies may make sticks, knots, braids, and twists.

Choosing both a size and shape of the best non rawhide chews is really a factor of what options your dog prefers. Try starting out with a few different flavors and options and see which one he or she seems to enjoy the most.

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