Eliminate Those Sewage Issues With Professional Septic Tank Cleaning in Puyallup

A septic system is like a miniature sewage plant. Its purpose is to contain and process the raw sewage and slowly leach out water. This allows the water to percolate through the soil where it filters back into the local water supply. There are several types of septic systems such as gravity operated versions and aerated models. The gravity design uses a tank that slowly fills with waste and a series of perforated pipes in a leach field. After about three years of use it is time for Septic Tank Cleaning in Puyallup because the solid waste takes up too much space.

One reason that septic systems work so well is that much of the solid matter is consumed by enzymes. Unfortunately, there is some portion of this waste that will not be consumed and it settles at the base of the tank. Sludge from this process slowly accumulates and fills the storage area forcing the need for septic cleaning. Cleaning the tank involves a vacuum truck designed to draw out any waste matter. If the tank has not seen service in many years, then the gunk may have large solid clumps that pose problems during the cleaning process. The service provider will get around this with water jetting.

Water jetting or hydro-jetting makes use of high pressure streams of water to break apart those difficult problems. This tactic can be useful in several areas of the septic system. For example, the inlet line for most septic systems is designed so that the waste does not flow back into the sewer pipe. Unfortunately, this area can collect grease and other materials that form into a dense sludge and block the flow of sewage. Water jetting quickly breaks this stuff apart.

Another way that water jetting can help with Septic Tank Cleaning in Puyallup is clearing gunk out of the leach lines. Sludge tends to accumulate in these pipes because the waste water moves very slowly. If a septic tank overflows, then the solid waste might enter these pipes and clog the holes that let the water leach into the soil. It is important to remember that the septic system needs to be cleaned regularly. This keeps its internal environment healthy and improves the quality of the water returned to nature.

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