Dive Right in to the History of Kirby Morgan

Kirby Morgan is one of the most, if not the most, iconic name in the commercial diving industry. Since its inception in 1966, the company – named after its two founders, Bev Morgan and Bob Kirby – has been dedicated to the development of comfortable, lightweight, professional diving gear.

Over the years, the company’s commitment to giving divers outstanding products, quality parts and excellent service has never wavered. Today, the name Kirby Morgan is synonymous throughout the world with superior quality and cutting edge design.

The Company Founders
Bev Morgan began free diving and surfing a year after leaving high school, becoming a Los Angeles County lifeguard three years later. In that same year, after buying an early aqualung SCUBA unit, he founded first SCUBA instructors program open to the public – the Los Angeles County Instructors program. He also wrote the first Instruction manual, and a book entitled Underwater Safety, which became a standard diving book of the 1950’s.

Bev also worked for many years as a commercial diver, diving for abalone in the oilfields.

Bob Kirby was a Navy diver, and also dove for abalone. After his time in the Navy, he worked as a diver in Santa Barbara, before joining Associated Divers. It was during his time with this company that Bob, with input and assistance from others, developed and built his now famous helium recirculator helmet.

He met up with Bev Morgan in the early 1960s and discovered that, in addition to his diving skills, Bev also had an extensive background in fiberglass molding, thanks to his involvement with surfing. The two divers decided to combine their skills, and the Kirby Morgan company was born.

Giving People What They Want
The business partners attributed much of their success to the fact that they listened to the thoughts and comments of other commercial divers, and implemented many of their recommendations.

This is still a large part of the company’s policy, with commercial divers, public safety/service divers and military organizations regularly being asked for their input. It is not surprising to note that the company has designed and manufactured the world’s leading line of full – face masks and diving helmets.

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