The different ways to remove hair

Over the centuries man has developed a number of different ways to remove unwanted hair; they all have their plus points and their negative points. For the male, shaving is traditional and both wet and dry shavers are available. Shaving is the least effective method because the hair returns quickly; usually evidence of unwanted hair can be seen the following day. When shaving is used by women the results can be damaging as the razor can be difficult to use in an awkward locations such as the underarm, the results are often nicks and rashes. As a result of the inefficiencies and difficulties encountered with a razor, other methods of hair removal in Cincinnati, OH have been developed.

Creams and lotions, called depilatories are much easier than shaving but the end result is about the same, the hair returns in a matter if days and the treatment must be repeated. Depilatories contain chemicals that eliminate the hair that is above the surface of the skin and only if the person has extremely sensitive skin will there be any negative reaction. Depilatories have the advantage over shaving that they do not nick or irritate the surface skin.

Waxing is a common method of hair removal in Cincinnati, OH; the effect is considerably longer than when a depilatory is used. Waxing removes the hair at the follicle rather than just the surface. When hair is removed by waxing the treatment usually needs repeating only every couple of months. Waxing has a tendency to leave the skin softer and the new hair that grows back is normally much finer. Although waxing is a procedure that can be done in one’s home, most women prefer to have the procedure done in a spa setting. Waxing can be done using hot wax or warm or cold treatments but they are done the same.

Electrolysis is said to be a way of permanently removing unwanted hair but in many cases this is not true. The objective is to kill the hair producing cell by sending an electric current through it.

Perhaps one of the most effective methods for hair removal in Cincinnati, OH is laser hair removal. A laser beam is used to damage the hair follicles; the results are quite long lasting.

Anderson Cosmetic & Vein Institute offers state of the art hair removal using EpiLight, intense pulsed light in Cincinnati, OH.

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