Diabetes in Cats and the Cause

Diabetes is not only common to human beings but can affect cats as well. If you think your cat may have diabetes, contact an emergency vet in county Durham and book your cat in for a check-up. Diabetes is a disruption in the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and fats caused by a lack of insulin or a resistance to insulin in the cat’s body. The cat can appear to be very slow and lethargic. Other signs are losing weight, increased water intake and high urine output. Diabetes can also show up dramatically as an emergency situation where the blood glucose gets so high, the metabolism is completely disrupted and the cat is very sick.

Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Diabetes is generally diagnosed by undergoing blood tests. The tests will check for high glucose levels in the urine and blood. The test reveals the glucose levels for the previous two weeks. Once there is a diagnosis, treatment is tailored to the cat and its lifestyle. Treatment starts with the diet. There are a range of diets that are tailored to help the diabetic cat. Cats relies on protein for their metabolism and that is why protein levels are important in their diets. Other forms of treatment include insulin and there are a variety of them available. Cats normally need two shots of insulin injections a day, therefore the process needs commitment. Diabetes can be a well controlled disease and a cat can live a long and fulfilled life.

Glucose Monitoring and Dietary Changes

The cat’s glucose levels will need to be closely monitored on a regular basis. There are numerous tests available, including some that you can use at home. They are very simple and most require just a pinprick of blood to test the glucose. You cat’s diet may not need to change drastically, but it will need a balanced diet. Whatever was the underlying cause of your cat’s diabetes will be the determining factor in the type of treatment recommended. You cat should be fed the right levels of protein and carbs for their size of body and if they are overweight they should be restricted on certain fatty foods until their weight level comes down.

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