Designer Eyeglasses and Sunglasses are a New Trend in Fashion for Cambridge, MA

Whether you chose designer or not, eyeglasses used to be considered boring and ugly. No one wanted to wear glasses because it wasn’t considered acceptable. Designer labels were popping up everywhere, on clothing, shoes and purses, but eyeglasses were turned away from. Even those who had to wear prescription eyeglasses in Cambridge, MA, chose instead to wear contact lenses to hide the fact they needed glasses.

Now, the economy has brought a halt to buying expensive clothes and purses. Not to be outdone, people still want to look great and wearing designer eyeglasses and sunglasses in Cambridge, MA, is a way for them to do this. It isn’t as expensive to find a designer frame. It can cost less if you don’t actually have a prescription.


Though celebrities seem to have it all, they are flocking toward designer frames, whether they require glasses or not. They want frames that fit their face and look good. You can actually find a designer frame that will match any outfit, which is what most celebs do. They enjoy the look of “smart and sexy,” and have been known to sport these designer frames around town and to the Oscars.

Though you may not have the ability to buy a different frame for each outfit you own, you can still choose a designer option that will look great with everything.


Wearing glasses, including sunglasses, is definitely one way to show your style. You are unique and it stands to reason that having “bling” on your glasses is a perfect way to show that style. You may consider special effects or any number of other options to be placed on your frames, making you look enhanced and ready for anything.

Feel Better About Yourself

In the past, glasses were laughed at and those wearing them wished they didn’t need them. However, the present shows more and more people wearing glasses that don’t require prescriptions. This means that you can feel good that you actually need your glasses, your fashion statement.


Make your statement to the world (or at least your community) and tell them whatever you want. You can be flirty and fun, serious and smart or everything and more. It is easier to make a statement with eyewear that with perfume and many celebrities are coming out with their own frame lines.

Designer eyeglasses and sunglasses in Cambridge, MA, are more accessible today than ever before. To find out if you need glasses, visit General Optical Company.

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