Design Your Own Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are for more than just informing motorists, they can also be created to give as gifts. Mainly they are used to improve the streetscape of a community by matching custom traffic signs with colors used in the area. Since they can be personalized, you can choose from colors and design types that suit your requirements. When you use the services of a professional traffic sign manufacturer, you can create signs with different background colors, wording, and a whole lot more. Traffic signs are great for decorating a game room, den or teen’s room. They are more often used for official road use, however.

Customize Traffic Signs Starting with the Pole

When you begin designing a custom traffic sign, you will be presented with different types of poles in which to choose. There are many different styles available including square, fluted, and even a new channel pole that is offered exclusively through professional sign manufacturers. They range in a variety of heights and diameters. Next you need to choose the type of finials you want.

Top Your Traffic Signs Off Right

A finial is the top of a pole that looks much like an end cap. However, they are more decorative than just a smooth cap. They are made to protect the inside of sign poles and give them a decorative flare that makes custom signs unique. There are many different sizes that fit poles in diameters from 5” to 3”for round poles, and 3” to 4” for square poles that are smooth. Professional sign manufacturers have a wide selection in which to choose the perfect finials for your custom signs.

It Is All in the Base

A sign base communicates exactly what you want a sign to say. For instance, bases can have any of the following words upon them; do not enter, speed limit, street names, stop, 4-Way, keep right, yield, reserved parking, and many more. If you do not see a sign base that you want or need, check with the manufacturer to find out if you can have a base custom worded. Bases are the ornamental part of a sign and slip over the pole and are made to fit the pole dimensions you choose. You can find bases that are made from engineer grade vinyl, or high intensity.

Trim Your Signs for Protective Purposes

Cast aluminum is the perfect trim for custom signs. Not only do they enhance signs, but trim also protects them for many years. Trim is very similar to picture frames in that it holds and borders the sign. It is attractive and offers stability with style.

Brandon Industries Inc. can help you create custom traffic signs for your community. You can even have traffic signs customized as personal gift.


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