Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Commack NY and How to Gain More Storage Space

Are you tired of dealing with the lack of storage space in your kitchen? You may have an open concept kitchen. Thus you may only have one wall to hold overhead cabinets. Further, they may not run all the way up the wall. In order to have more storage space, it is smart to run the cabinetry further up the wall and have a variety of shelving heights inside. Thus, you could have your spices, dishes and glassware in the cabinetry at easy reach. For your seasonal dishes, you could store them further up. The best Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Commack NY are done by paying close attention to details. Thus, maximizing storage space at every angle is important.

If you do not have an island, and you have room for one, it is worth the investment. The bottom of the island could be designed to hold your pots and pans or anything else. Further, you will enjoy the added prep space. The island can be designed to contrast against the rest of your cabinetry. By doing this, your island will become more of a focal point. For example, your cabinetry can be done in dark wood. However, your island can be done in white. Thus, it breaks the room up better and defines the space in high-end style. All of this can be done by deciding on your personal style first. Next, you will choose the wood. When it comes to Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Commack NY, you will find that you will gain you the storage space and style you want.

Do you know where to go to find the best customer service and design help? The best place to go is Harbor Design Group. When you speak to the consultant, tell him what you do not like about your kitchen. For example, tell him that you need more storage. He will go over your design ideas with you, explain the process and tell you when work can start. After hearing the good news, you will be thrilled that you made the decision to renovate your kitchen. With this in mind, there is no better time than now to speak to the consultant.

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