Convert your Short Bed Dodge Mega Cab into a Long Bed Workhorse

A Dodge Mega Cab truck is a great vehicle. It has plenty of room for your buddies and great styling, with features and power to spare. But have you found that while the mega cab is great, it just doesn’t have a long enough bed to haul your toys and equipment? Dodge owners have been disappointed by the manufacturer who doesn’t seem to recognize the need of a longer truck bed. Dodge Mega truck owners have begun to take matters into their own hands and have found a solution to this problem. Truck owners have chosen truck bed conversions to extend those short beds and gain greater hauling capacity while improving stability with the longer wheel base. You just don’t have to have that short, stumpy bed any more.

People who have a Dodge Mega Cab Long Bed in California will enjoy the longer wheel base that gives them a more stable ride in slippery conditions. Trips to the snow with snowmobiles and skis become safer with the increased wheel base and the improved ability to transport toys and cargo. Quad runner adventures become feasible when toys can be hauled in the truck instead of behind with a trailer. However, if a trailer is still needed to accommodate equipment, a long cab can do the job and will actually help prevent a trailer from jackknifing into the cab, protecting your most precious cargo.

Those using their mega cab for work will find the hauling of crew and equipment a simpler matter with the increased length of the bed. Lumber, landscaping and building supplies can now fit into the truck instead of having to be transported by another vehicle or being towed behind.

Those considering a conversion from the short bed into a Dodge Mega Cab Long Bed in California will be pleased to know that the whole process takes just about three days and with some advanced planning, a truck conversion can be part of a fun getaway. Precision Bodyline of Salt Lake City, UT can handle your truck bed conversion from start to finish. With over 500 conversions completed, they work quickly and efficiently to complete the work with expert results.

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