Why Consider Baggage Shipping to India

Your reason for going to India isn’t of concern. What you should be considering is how to get all your baggage to your hotel or home. Placing your luggage on the airline is usually easier and less expensive, but you have no guarantee that it won’t be lost or damaged. In other cases, you will be in India for a long period and will need more than a couple of suitcases for your extended trip. There are many great advantages of using an international courier service for your baggage shipping needs.

Carrying Baggage and Claiming

By shipping your luggage before your trip, you don’t have to carry everything. Suitcases can be heavy and cumbersome and can make it take longer to get through the airport. You won’t have to worry about checking bags before your flight or picking them up afterwards so it will save you time because you can go directly to your gate and from the flight directly to the cab.

Lost Luggage

Though most airlines do as much as they can to avoid losing people’s luggage, it does happen. Most people think it can’t happen to them or that it only happens in movies, but it is possible. If your luggage gets lost, you may have to purchase new clothing and other items and wait until the baggage can be found. Shipping the baggage to India will prevent this huge setback.

Excess Fees

Every airline has its own baggage rules and most of the time, there are strict limits to the amount of weight that each bag can hold. In some cases, you are limited to one or two bags only. With many airlines, you will pay a fee for all the luggage you require. If that baggage is over the weight limit, you will be charged more fees. If you require more baggage for an extended vacation or trip, you will have to pay high fees to include multiple bags if this is allowed on your airline. Baggage shipping doesn’t require a set limit of luggage so you can ship as much or as little as you need.


For most people, it is a large weight off their shoulders to know that their luggage will be waiting for them at their destination. Most companies will call, email or text you when your baggage ships to India, so you can relax on your trip.

Baggage shipping to India offers many advantages and gives you a sense of peace. Consider Fastway Worldwide Express India today.

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