Common Uses of a Sprague Hydraulic Air Driven Pump

A Sprague hydraulic air drive pump works by using air to move liquid materials such as oil, water, and even corrosive chemicals. This pump is also very easy to maintain, making it a smart choice for demanding industries. Some types in the Sprague product line transform air inlet pressure into hydraulic output pressure. Low-pressure air interacts with a large area piston, which creates high hydraulic pressure with a small area piston.

Some of the Advantages of a Sprague Hydraulic Air Driven Pump

In order to choose a pump that will work best for your needs, it’s essential to go with one that can provide an amount of pressure that will be sufficient for your task. One advantage of this type of pump is it reciprocates quickly until the pressure reaches the correct level, but then slows to a stop once the liquid pressure is equal to or able to balance the air pressure. That state is maintained indefinitely without the help of moving parts, and the temperature of the liquid will not increase while the liquid-pressure balance is static.

Potential Ways to Use Your Pump

Because this kind of pump is very cost effective and energy efficient compared to many motor-driven pumps, it is often used in research applications, as well as industrial settings. Boighill Sprague Hydraulic Air Driven Pump is commonly relied upon during pressure testing for valves, fittings, hoses, and pipes. One advantage is that it allows testers to move away from laborious hand pumping methods so they are able to transition to precision and automatic testing instead.

The Sprague hydraulic air driven pump can also be used to deliver liquids to production machinery at high pressures. For convenience, high and low pressure pumps can be used simultaneously to achieve customized results.

Can Be Used Safely and Easily

In contrast to motor-driven varieties, these pumps are non-sparking and non-arcing, which means you can feel confident about using them in areas that are very small, or in places that contain hazardous materials. The pumps also have a smaller number of parts compared to some similar products, so maintenance is simpler and breakdowns are less common.

You now have information about how one of these pumps could fit into your specialized industrial environment. Consider purchasing a Sprague pump from a reputable distributor today.

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