Common Problems Treated at an Eye Care Center in Inver Grove Heights MN

Vision is an important sense. This is the reason everyone should make sure that they take good care of their eyesight. In case you realize that you are having eyesight complications, you should get to an eye care expert as soon as you can to keep the problem from becoming worse. Here are some of the common problems that are treated at an eye care center in Inver Grove Heights MN.

Presbyobia: This is a naturally occurring eye problem. As you age, the ability your eyes has to see small prints or objects that are close by diminishes. You may not be able to notice this until you are 40 years old or more. The problem is normally solved by prescribing reading glasses.

Floaters: These are specks or tiny spots that seem to float around the eyes and cloud a person’s line of vision. Floaters are noticeable when you are exposed to too much light. Most of the time, floaters are seen as a normal eye problem especially to people that are aging. However, they can also be an indicator of more serious issues such as retinal detachment, which if not treated well could lead to complete loss of vision.

Dry eyes: This normally happens when the tear glands are unable to produce enough tears. When there is a shortage in the production of tears, the eyes start feeling very itchy and dry. There could also be a loss of vision and a burning sensation in the eyes.

Glaucoma: This condition is caused by the continued deterioration of the optic nerve. It is characterized with increased pressure in the eyes. Glaucoma can be a result of a severe injury to the eyes or a severe eye infection. The treatment alternatives that are available involve eliminating the cause of the pressure to the optic nerve so that clear vision can be restored.

These are some of the common eye problems that are dealt with at an eye care center in Inver Grove Heights MN. Note that when dealing with eye problems, the sooner you get to an eye care specialist, the higher the possibility of getting treatment.

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