Choosing The Right Glass For You Storefront

Foot traffic passing a store is often the key to the retailer’s success. Storefront windows are an important component of exhibiting the stores products which in turn draws in customers. Retail operations in particular depend to a degree on “window shoppers.” The only way to determine the ambiance of a restaurant for example is to see inside.

Storefront glass in Chicago is extremely important, it impacts the appearance of the store, acts as a security barrier and helps in keeping the inside temperature at the right level without excessive heating and cooling costs.

As a store owner there are a few things to consider when you specify the glass that will be installed in your storefront.


Storefront glass in Chicago certainly invites potential customers into the store; unfortunately it can also invite less desirable visitors. A store front is a potential entry point for intruders, often these individuals are quite happy to simply smash and grab, making off with merchandise that is on display behind the window.

Security glass is a viable option. Security glass is laminated to a plastic film, in the event the window is broken it stays intact, held together by the film.

Energy efficiency:

Storefront windows are often very large; they are designed this way not only to attract customers but to let as much natural light into the store as possible. Sunlight is great for ambiance but not so when it comes to keeping the interior cool in the summer.

The problem of raising the interior temperature can often be solved by installing energy efficient glass in the window. Double glazed windows with an inert gas between the panes keep the heat out and the cool in and vice-versa come the winter.

Although the majority of store owners opt for clear glass, there are other options available depending on your business. Frosted glass is often used in the windows of a doctor or dentist’s office, letting light in but at the same time providing privacy for the patients.

As a store owner you want customers to see in but at the same time you want to keep intruders and heat out. To discuss the options available for storefront glass in Chicago you are invited to contact Lakeview Glass online at

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