Choosing a Facility Specializing in In-Patient Rehabilitation in Lubbock

When a person suffers an orthopedic event, he or she may find they have functional limitations. These limitations may inhibit their ability to return to their life as it was before the accident. When this is the case, the person may benefit from In-Patient Rehabilitation in Lubbock rather than outpatient therapy. The choice of rehabilitation facility is of great importance as patients have different needs and the outcome is dependent to some extent on the comfort of the patient during this process as well as the family’s ability to be involved in the treatment plan. What factors should be considered when choosing a facility specializing in In-Patient Rehabilitation in Lubbock?

* Size of the facility needs to be factored in along with patient-staff ratio to ensure the patient receives adequate care at all times. What types of medical professionals are on staff to assist in the recovery of the patient? In addition to medical professionals, you may wish to find a facility offering religious personnel or trained therapists to ensure the all aspects of the person are treated. An injury can have emotional and spiritual effects so this should never be discounted.

* Look at the equipment and physical facilities offered at the rehabilitation center to ensure the patient’s needs will be met. What types of therapies are offered to ensure the patient receives the best care? Does the treatment focus on strengthening the body and the person’s physical range or where is the emphasis placed?

* Does the facility meet the standards of patient care? What is the mission of the facility? The focus should always be on excellent care at all times, with the care being customized based on the needs of the patient, rather than on a one-size-fits-all approach.

Many turn to Crown Point Health Suites for in-patient orthopedic rehabilitation. This facility offers private and semi-private suites, over-sized beds to ensure patient’s comfort, flat screen TVs with cable and more. Each patient controls the temperature in their room and patients may choose from buffets meals or all-day room service. Although a rehabilitation facility will never be the same as home, Crown Point tries to come as close as possible, emphasizing choice, autonomy and self-determination so patients can heal in the shortest time possible.

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