How to Choose the Best Car Transportation Company California

Cars are an integral part of everyday life, and people depend on them for most of their travel needs, including work, errands, entertainment, road trips, vacations and much more. Hiring a Car Transportation Company to transport a car is not an easy choice to make. Customers are entrusting their beloved vehicles into the hands of people they do not know, and they must rely on them to deliver their cars safely and in the same condition as they received it. However, there are several simple things customers can do to alleviate their fears. Here are four tips to consider when selecting a car transportation company California to move a vehicle to another location.

Car transportation companies fully insure each vehicle they haul. Typically, they insure each car for up to $100,000 dollars, and they do not charge a deductible to lower the insurance costs. The carrier is responsible for paying the deductible when there is a claim, and customers should not be asked to pay any deductibles from a company.

Car transportation companies should be well-equipped with the proper vehicle carriers to safely transport cars and other types of vehicles. They should offer either an open carrier, or a closed carrier as an option, and the vehicle must be inspected by the driver who accurately documents the condition of the car before the trip. Condition reports must also be carefully examined by a customer to ensure it is an accurate representation of the condition of the car, which will also prevent any unnecessary disputes once the car is delivered.

Do not be alarmed if there is an extra charge for a sports utility vehicle, a truck, or an oversized vehicle. Car transportation companies must charge extra for larger vehicles because they take up more space, which prevents them from hauling more vehicles on their carriers.

Delivery times for vehicles vary depending on the delivery location, distance, weather, potential mechanical issues, and other circumstances. Legally drivers are limited to driving 500 miles a day for safety reasons and customers must pick up their cars at an authorized delivery location that can be easily maneuvered by the driver.

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