Child Care Agency in North Richland Hills TX: Nurturing, Growing, and Learning For Each and Every Child!

Your child is a learning machine from the get-go. Constantly watching, repeating and experimenting. It only makes sense that when it is time to attend a child care facility, the program and staff nurture all of those experiences within your child. Child care agency in North Richland Hills, TX offers opportunities for growth and nurturing for every child that enters its doors.

There is a curriculum for each age group that encompasses learning intellectually, emotionally and socially from the infant classes to the pre-K classes. They’re encouraged to learn and develop appropriately at their developmental stages in a fun, caring and inviting way. The menu for lunch and snacks is stocked full of healthy foods that children will eat. Therefore, you know that your child is receiving high nutritional content which keeps them alert and full of energy as the day goes on. Parents can easily go to work knowing that their children are in a happy and well-managed environment.

Child care agency employs caregivers who are certified in CPR and First Aid. They are carefully chosen and exhibit a lot of positive energy to ensure that each child is cared for and nurtured to their full potential in every aspect. Like the students, the caregivers are continually learning through workshops and educational courses to stay current on teaching ideas, styles and trends to foster young minds and bodies.

Unlike many child care facilities, a pediatric doctor is on-call and also includes two people on-site that are “Medication Administration Trained” to administer medications and treatment to those children who require it. Child care agency in North Richland Hills, TX has a daily checklist of items that pertains to each child in the center. When the parents pick up their child, they know exactly how the day went with their youngster. For infants, it is the only way of finding out about their child’s day. As the child gets older, it offers a time for good, quality conversations on the way home from school or at dinner-time.

Child care agency in North Richland Hills, TX also offers enrichment programs such as karate, yoga, music and more to allow children to grow outside of academics. There is also an enjoyable summer camp to entertain the children when school is out of session. Children are offered a variety of opportunities to build friendships and help them grow as positive and confident individuals. Visit Little Tyke Learning Centers today.

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