Charged With Domestic Violence? You Need a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Cleveland TN

Domestic violence is any violence between two people who live together. It could be between spouses, parents and adult children, or between roommates. These are very serious charges and need to be taken seriously by all involved. Anyone who is arrested and charged with domestic violence will want to speak with a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Cleveland TN right away.

Avoid Discussing the Case

It’s tempting to try to clear their name, but the person arrested with this type of charge is going to have trouble doing that when everyone is taking what they say out of context to see if it could mean the person is guilty. Anything the person says can be used against them, especially if they answer questions from the police officers handling the case. Instead, it’s better for the arrested person to have a lawyer help them when answering any questions and to speak as little as possible about the case until it’s over.

Start Gathering Evidence Immediately

It’s possible there is evidence that shows the person is not guilty. There may be evidence that the arrested person is innocent because they weren’t home when the alleged violence occurred or that the other person involved is the person who caused the violence. The arrested person should let their attorney handle gathering information about what happened and working to find evidence that might clear their name.

Work Closely With the Attorney

The arrested person should work closely with their attorney so they’re always informed of what’s happened. This allows them to make sure they know what evidence may have been found, whether there’s a chance of the case being dismissed, and whether there’s anything they need to do. The attorney will contact them as soon as anything changes with the case or if there are any updates.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with domestic violence, make sure you speak with a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Cleveland TN to get help handling your case. Visit the website for Chancey-Kanavos at now to learn more about these charges and what to expect or to contact an attorney to speak with them about your case right away.

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