Care For Your Pets with a Chicago Veterinarian

Veterinarians are helpful doctors who care for clients’ beloved pets for routine checkups, elective surgeries, and emergency care, just like a pediatrician or general practitioner would. By becoming familiar with the various services, clients can better select the particular location for their desires and convenience. For example, Metro Vet is located in the South loop of Chicago, Illinois, with their new, state-of-the-art clinic providing for both emergency and general care from 7 in the morning to 10 at night each day of the week.

Routine checkups for animals are much the same as for humans. For example, with a Chicago veterinarian, clients’ pets will be asked a series of questions about the pet’s eating and drinking habits, weight gain, or any digestive changes. The veterinarian often wants to know about any changes in all of these including whether the pet’s owner has noticed the pet eating more or less than normal. Some problems in these areas may be a symptom of an underlying condition. After this quick survey, the technician or vet will take the pet’s vital signs including his or her temperature, pulse, rate of respiration, and weight. A physical examination means the vet will gently probe the pet to search for swollen glands or organs, scratches or cuts on the feet, or swollen joints. Often, the eyes, ears, and mouths of pets are examined for any irregularities that are symptomatic of disease.

Elective surgery, that which is not necessary, includes ear cropping, spaying or neutering, tail docking, and the removal of lipomas to name a few. Spaying and neutering involve removing the ovaries and testes, respectively, from pets to prevent them from reproducing, much like hysterectomies and vasectomies do with humans. Removing lipomas, benign tumors made of fatty tissue, is often suggested because they can enlarge significantly and cause health issues.

Emergency care covers all else including being hit by a vehicle, breaking bones, or generally being severely injured. To find a Chicago veterinarian right for the pet’s situation, pet owners should research the available clinics, their services, and meet the staff personally. As all pet owners are aware, a pet’s life is not something to be easily discarded due to the neglect of an uncaring veterinarian or one unfamiliar with the animal and its various issues. Browse to read more.

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