Call for Stucco Repair, Mold Remediation and Drywall in Torrance

There are many jobs performed by a carpet cleaning company besides cleaning carpets. If your office building is new and hasn’t opened yet, they will clean all dust, wash the windows and go over the entire building to get it ready for the grand opening. From windows to carpets, Contact CC Cleaning & Maintenance for a job well done. They will paint every room, clean every carpet and repair and install drywall ensuring the walls will achieve a smooth, satiny and attractive paint finish that will last for years.

If your home suffers from dampness or a foundation that leaks when it rains, you may start to see fuzzy black stuff under the stair steps or in corners of the bathroom, bathtub or in the shower stall. This is toxic mold and the same company that installs Drywall in Torrance can get rid of the mold in your home. It’s best to call immediately upon seeing the mold, simply because it will continue to grow and it will cause a musty odor in your home that will become very noticeable. Family members will begin sneezing, and may have trouble sleeping at night. Once the home is dried out, leaks are repaired and the house is properly vented by a company that understands mold remediation, the toxic mold should not come back.

The company not only cleans carpeting, installs or repairs Drywall in Torrance, they will repair the stucco at your home or business and pressure wash your home’s bricks, cement driveway and sidewalks to maintain your home’s beauty throughout every season. The telephone number to call for a free estimate is listed on the website. You’ll also find the ‘contact us’ page with a short form to fill out asking for your estimate. Convenient methods of payment are listed, including most major credit cards, cash, check and Paypal. A map to the business is listed on that page.

Some of the extremely affordable services the company provides are the cleaning of all furnishings and upholstery, installation of new carpet and padding, and they’ll repair and dry out homes damaged by water. They clean carpeting with a dry foam meaning it’s also faster drying. Clean carpets remain newer, longer and it’s so much easier to hire a company to clean them properly.

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