Buying Used Cars in Evergreen Park

Are you thinking about shopping for used cars in Evergreen Park? There are many reasons to buy used vehicles instead of new vehicles. The primary reason is affordability. Initial costs and monthly payments on a new car may be considerable. The savings on a used car may allow you to purchase a nicer model. There is also much higher depreciation of new vehicles which may be up to 40 percent of the new car’s value in the first year. There is no depreciation the first minute you drive off the lot. You will have some depreciation but no where near the massive hit you take with new cars. Furthermore, insurance rates are typically much less for used autos.

Where is a good place to start searching for good used cars in Evergreen Park? The best place according to most folks is Hawk Ford in Oak Lawn, IL. This dealership has a huge selection of used vehicles to choose from. Hawk Ford can work with you on a variety of financing options that will work well within your budget. They will work diligently to get you into the vehicle you desire regardless of your credit status. Hawk Ford opens every day except Sunday at 9am, and they stay open until 9 pm except on Saturday when they close at 7 pm. They will even stay later to accommodate the schedules of their customers.

Hawk Ford has some great prices on their used cars. For example, there is currently a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, model year 2000 available for just 3,990 dollars. This was the most widely used vehicle in law enforcement in the US and Canada from 1997 to 2010. This automatic four speed V8 sedan has an odometer reading of 102,952 miles with gas mileage of 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. This Crown Vic has plenty of great features such as air conditioning, power steering, windows, mirrors, and door locks, and much more!

There are many other great vehicles to choose from at Hawk Ford. You can get a used car or a new car, plus some wonderful deals on parts and accessories. Check out the Hawk Ford website to see the available vehicles and the monthly specials.

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