How to Buy a Used Toyota Engine

by | Dec 10, 2013 | Automotive

People in the US tend to keep their cars rather than buying one every few years. For many Toyota owners, keeping an older model car may mean replacing their car’s factory-installed motor with a used Toyota engine rather than purchasing a brand new one.

Used engines can be less costly than new motors, but only if the buyer knows the ins and outs. The buyer usually assumes that the seller’s engine is good and will run after the motor is installed. After investing time and money to find and install an engine, the engine should turn over. If the buyer doesn’t know how to take precautions in choosing a used engine for a Toyota, the installed engine frequently must be pulled and completely rebuilt.

Reputable businesses that specialize in used Toyota engines are willing to provide certain specifics that give the buyer confidence he has purchased a used engine that will run after installation. Asking for certain information about the engine will save the buyer from the inconvenience of returning an engine.

Requesting specifics on a used Toyota Engine

Buyers take the seller’s statements about an engine in good faith. It is not out of the norm to request documentation to support the seller’s claim that the used engine is suitable to use. At a minimum

1. Request supporting documentation on the engine’s mileage. If you are buying an imported used Toyota motor, the Japanese government requires paperwork that contains many particulars about the engine that is being exported.

2. Request inspection verification. Inspection reports will note excess sludge or metal shavings and where it was noted, such as the intake manifold or valves.

3. Request test results for compression and leak down. These tests verify cylinder health.

4. Request a description of the engine that will be shipped. Buyers often expect all the manifolds, wiring harnesses, and valve covers, but may only receive a long block.

5. Request written warranty. Reputable used engine dealers usually have a limited warranty.

Engine World Inc. imports used Toyota engines from Japan. The engines are inspected for sludge and are leak down and compression tested. Our motors are shipped long block from our distribution centers with a 6 month limited warranty.

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