The Broadway Fan Site For Lovers Of The Theatrical Experience

by | Mar 4, 2014 | Arts And Entertainment

One of the great contributions of New York City to the world is the creation of “The Great White Way.” This strip of theaters has given American culture some of its most original and lasting theatrical experiences. Those living in the New York metropolitan area or visiting the city from anywhere in the world, have the option of taking in a show. Whether it be a musical, drama or experimental stage experience, they are ready to be entertained.

The web pages of is the perfect resource for those who attend the theater on a regular basis or those who just wish they could. It is the ultimate Broadway fan site for those merely interested in the Broadway theater community and those who wish to join their ranks someday. It operates as a Broadway fan site filled with information, interviews and forums that concern every aspect of the stage experience. Whereas many publications feature only the reviews and opinions of professional critics, this website offers a forum for the theater-goer to express their own thoughts.

The website is filled with photographs, articles and upcoming shows to learn about. Videotaped interviews are available for viewing to learn more about the creative people both in front and behind the curtain each night. Fans of Broadway shows can post their own reviews and add details that they believe would be of interest to other theater goers. This not only includes the acting onstage; but the sets, music, dance and play itself. Reviews can be geared to different categories of theater attendees, from those seeing a play with children to those interested in performances that will appeal to an older set. Viewers to the website can identify themselves as to what group they may feel more comfortable in and shows that would appeal to their sensibilities can be suggested.

Using this website can be as easy as taking a look at what is currently playing and what production is “waiting in the wings” to begin previews. There can be no greater resource for those who enjoy theater and those who wish to introduce others to the American theater experience. Browse to read more.

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