How are Braces Treatments Carried Out in Irving?

Many people are not happy with the appearance of their smile. This is especially true when you are dealing with crooked and misaligned teeth. Even if your teeth are very crooked, there are treatment options available, to dramatically improve your smile. One of the most promising methods is through Braces Treatment in Irving. These braces are available for people of all ages and are much more comfortable and even more affordable than ever before.

How Do Braces Improve Your Smile?

When you go in for your braces, the dentist will first carefully clean and dry your teeth. Your teeth must be free of any plaque and food debris so the adhesive used with your braces is able to better adhere. Each of your teeth will have a small metal bracket attached to it. This is done through the dentist applying a strong dental adhesive to your tooth. This quick-hardening adhesive will make the bracket attach to your tooth, with a strong bond. Once the brackets are all in place, the dentist will begin attaching your wires to the brackets.

These wires will connect all of the teeth together, so the dentist can periodically tighten the wires and force the teeth to begin to move into certain positions. When these wires are first put on, you may experience some discomfort. It is best to eat soft foods and use orthodontic wax to bring comfort to your sore mouth. The dentist will give you information on caring for your Braces Treatment in Irving, so you do not experience any issues.

For most people, a year of wearing metal braces is effective in improving the smile. Some children and adults with severe alignment issues may require longer treatments and may even need to wear headgear at night. The dentist will make the decision on which treatment options will best benefit your smile.

If you are interested in improving your smile, through braces, contact Navarro Orthodontix for a free consultation appointment. This will allow you to learn more about braces and will help you to find out if you are a good candidate for the treatment. You will love your new smile, once your teeth have been straightened.

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