Benefits of Hiring a DWI Lawyer in Jefferson County, MO

Driving while intoxicated is a very serious offense. Over the last few years, the penalties for drunk driving have become much more severe than they ever were. If a person is arrested for driving while intoxicated, whether they are guilty of the crime or not, they should contact a DWI lawyer in Jefferson County, MO. There are many ways that a lawyer can help.

Contest the Traffic Stop

If a lawyer can successfully contest the traffic stop, they can also try to get the DWI charge thrown out as well. For example, the lawyer can argue that the driver swerved to miss an animal.

Contest the Validity of the Breathalyzer

If the driver failed a breathalyzer test, the lawyer could question the validity of the test. They could argue that the machine was not properly calibrated, or that the driver had just used mouthwash that contained alcohol, causing them to fail the test.

Contest the Police Report

If the officer arrested the individual due to their appearance, the lawyer could contest the police report. They can argue that the individual was slurring their speech due to a mouth injury or medication. They could also argue that the individual’s eyes were red because the person was crying or has allergies. There are a number of ways that a lawyer can create reasonable doubt about the police report to help the driver’s case.

Contest the Field Sobriety Test

If a person was arrested for DWI because they failed the field sobriety test, their lawyer could contest the validity of the test. The lawyer can argue that the driver was wearing inappropriate shoes, or the ground where the test took place was not level. If the lawyer can effectively contest the validity of the test, it can be very helpful with winning the case.

If a person is found guilty of driving while intoxicated, they will lose their license for a significant period of time. They will also need to attend alcohol education classes and pay very hefty fines. When the individual does get their driver’s license back, their automobile insurance will be very expensive. If there is a chance that the person can beat the charges, they should hire a DWI lawyer in Jefferson County, MO. Visit Wegmann Law Firm for more information.

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