Auto Accident Attorneys in Lacey, WA: Common Automobile Accident Questions

After a person gets in an automobile accident there are a lot of questions that are going to be racing through their mind. The most important thing to do is to reach out to one of the Auto Accident Attorneys in Lacey, WA as soon as possible. You want to be careful about what you say and who you talk to after an accident. Auto Accident Attorneys in Lacey, WA at Putnam, Lieb, Potvin Law Firm would be able to give you solid advice and answer all of your questions regarding what to do next.

What Do You Do After an Accident?

One of the first pieces of advice that Auto Accident Attorneys at Putnam, Lieb, Potvin Law Firm will always give you is that you do not leave the scene. Driving away after you get in an accident is a criminal offense. If someone other than you has been injured, you need to help them. After an accident, getting medical attention for anyone who needs it should come first. While you should not leave the scene of an accident, you should make sure that staying put is not going to cause additional accidents. There is nothing wrong with pushing your vehicle and the other vehicle involved away from traffic to prevent additional collisions. Unless it is just a small fender bender, you should notify the police. This way there will be an official police report documenting the accident that the law firm that you hire such as Putnam, Lieb, Potvin Law Firm can use to defend your case.

Do You Need to go to The Doctor?

It is not uncommon for people to wonder whether or not they really need to go to the doctor. If you just feel a little sore, you might feel like it is a waste of time. You have to remind yourself that just because you do not hurt does not mean there is not a problem. It is always better to go to the doctor and get checked out. You do not want to risk a problem happening later.

The truth is that it is not uncommon for the human body to go into shock after an automobile accident. When this happens, you might not feel much of anything. It is the body’s way of protecting itself. You should keep that in mind and consider going to a doctor for a checkup regardless.

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