Arraignment Help from a Criminal Lawyer in Baltimore

The arraignment is the initial stage of a criminal procedure, and it takes place in a judge’s courtroom. There, the accused hears a reading of the charges against them, as required by the 6th Amendment to the Constitution. Most arraignments must take place within three days of the arrest, and if the deadline passes, an accused party can claim a violation of their right to a speedy trial.

Arraignment hearings are a crucial part of the judicial process, and are used in legal systems around the world. If you are required to attend an arraignment and you fail to do so, you may face additional criminal charges, heavy fines and the denial of your bail petition. If you are arrested and detained, you have the right to a timely arraignment.

Arraignment Rules

Depending on the seriousness of your crime and whether you’re charged in state or federal court, the rules surrounding arraignment vary. As a rule, if the offense carries possible jail time, an arraignment will likely take place. For minor traffic infractions, you may be able to pay a fee and skip the arraignment.

They take place in several steps, the first of which is your appearance in court. You’ll be advised of your right to legal representation, and if you decide to hire Attorney David E. Fink, the formal reading of the charges will be scheduled with another day.

During the reading of the charges, your lawyer will advise you to enter a plea of not guilty, guilty or no contest. You also have the option to waive the arraignment and go straight to the plea phase. In some cases, your lawyer will broker such a deal in exchange for concessions from the prosecution.

After the Arraignment is Over

After your arraignment hearing takes place, your lawyer will assist in the making of arrangements for release, bail or both (even if these issues have been addressed before). The court can also set the dates for additional hearings, pretrial conferences and the trial itself. If you are facing criminal charges and an arraignment, you should hire a Criminal Lawyer in Baltimore and heed their advice. Visit for more information.

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