An Overview Of The 3130 Genetic Analyzer

The Applied Biosystems 3130 and 3130XL genetic analyzer models offer several features to make these the perfect addition to many different labs and testing facilities. Both models offer reliability the required throughput testing capacity that is associated with the Applied Biosystems brand.

The sequencers are designed to be easy to use and to integrate into existing labs and testing facilities. They can complete both sequencings and genotyping as needed, making them highly versatile and practical. The difference between the 3031 genetic analyzer and the 3031XL is in the throughput, with the 3031 ideal for low to mid-throughput needs and the 3031XL for high throughput applications.

Performance Considerations

Both the 3031XL and the 3031 genetic analyzer are designed for performance. The XL comes with a 16 capillary capacity while the 3031 has a standard 4 capillary system with the option to upgrade to the higher capacity.

These systems have automated setup, complete automation in the testing parameters including electrophoresis, electrokinetic injection as well as data extraction, analysis, and polymer filling, allowing for full hands-free operation. Not only is this highly efficient, but it is instrumental in avoiding common human error during sequencing, mutational profiling, and fragment analysis.

Important Factors and Features

The choice of either 3031 genetic analyzer models will provide the lab and testing facility with a durable, quality testing system. The technology behind the capillary electrophoresis and thermal control systems provide precision in testing and results, which translates into high levels of run-to-run consistency.

With the system fully automated and built for throughput efficiency, these models provide fast turnaround times for sampling, an important consideration for any lab and testing facility.

While the cost of these Applied Biosystems genetic analyzers is high, choosing a used or refurbished model will dramatically reduce the price while providing all the features, performance and flexibility the lab requires.

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