The Advantages Of Metal Antique Ceilings In Brooklyn NY

If you have a vintage inspired home, complete its historical appearance with the installation of a tin ceiling. In addition to their unique appearance, these tiles have many advantages over traditional ceiling materials. After learning about these advantages, contact a company that specializes in Metal Antique Ceilings in Brooklyn NY to professionally install the tiles for you.

Q.) What types of designs and finishes are available for tin ceiling tiles?

A.) You can choose a tile finish that coordinates the best with the style and color palette of each room in your home. Popular finishes include brass, white, chrome, tin and copper. You can select from numerous tile designs such as geometric shapes, squares, diamonds and ornate beaded patterns.

Q.) Are tin ceilings hard to maintain and a hassle to clean?

A.) Tin panels are easier to clean than regular ceiling materials because they won’t stain. A periodical dusting will keep them clean and looking new for a long time. Once these tiles are installed, you won’t have to spend any time on maintenance because these tiles won’t rust or attract mold growth.

Q.) Is it difficult to repair a tin ceiling if the need arises?

A.) No, it’s quite simple for a company that specializes in Metal Antique Ceilings in Brooklyn NY to repair a tin ceiling. When purchasing your tiles, you have the option of purchasing a few extra tiles to have on hand in case your ceiling ever needs to be repaired. This would save time because you wouldn’t have to wait for the tiles to be ordered and sent from the manufacturer.

Q.) What type of ceiling platform is required for the installation of the tiles?

A.) The tin ceiling tiles cannot be attached directly to a plaster ceiling. Before installing the tiles, a wooden frame is secured to the ceiling and the tiles are nailed to the frame once it’s in place.

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