Adding Safety And Security To Your Home With Electric Blinds

When many people look to buy a home, they hope to find a house with big, open windows that provide a lot of natural light. While this light makes a home feel bright and cheery, there are times when it is necessary to shut out the sunlight. Many homeowners choose to install blinds to provide the necessary privacy or safety that they desire. While this is an easy fix to the problem, there are other products out there that can further increase the effectiveness of blinds while increasing the safety and security of a home. One of these products is electric blinds.

Electric blinds combine the light blocking function of regular blinds with the added convenience of being controlled by a small motor hidden in the head rail of the blind. This provides several safety and security features. First of all, they can be wired to a home automation system making it possible to control them while away from home with a computer or cell phone. There are also sun sensors and timers that can open or close the blinds automatically. This is a great security feature because it can make a home that is empty seem occupied. For people that are away on vacation or for vacation homes that are empty for long stretches of time, this may help to deter thieves or vandals. For added security, electric blinds can be incorporated into a home security system so that the blinds will automatically open if an alarm is set off.

Furthermore, regular blinds are operated by a series of cords and pulls. This can present a real strangulation hazard for small children. Many tragedies have been reported when children have played with blind cords. When blinds are controlled by a motor there is no longer any need for any cords. This can provide real peace of mind for parents or for anyone that has children in their homes.

Blinds that are controlled by a motor also keep homeowners out of unsafe situations. With more and more homes being built with tall or two-story ceilings, it can be dangerous to climb up to the top of windows to manipulate the blinds installed in them. Motorized blinds keep homeowners off of ladders or stools and safely on the ground while maintaining a homeowner’s ability to open and close their window coverings. Clearly, the benefits of electric blinds extend well past their beauty and function. They provide a real security and safety feature to a home. These features add value to a home while providing much need peace of mind.

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