A Wrongful Death Attorney in Loveland Helps Bereaved Families

It’s one of the worst things that can happen: a loved one killed in an accident due to the carelessness or recklessness of another person, and no amount of money can bring that spouse, parent, child or other loved one back. Nevertheless, the family may want to hire a wrongful death attorney in Loveland to demand financial compensation against the negligent individual’s insurance company.

Negligence and carelessness can be evident in numerous situations that lead to a person’s untimely passing. If the accident happened at a residential property, it might have involved icy sidewalks that caused someone to fall and experience a serious fracture or head injury, and without being able to get help promptly, that person is vulnerable to freezing temperatures. If the accident happened on the highway, it could have involved another driver reading a text message, driving too fast on slippery roads or being distracted by something out the side window.

No matter how the fatality occurred, when it was caused by another person’s careless behavior a wrongful death attorney in Loveland can help the family obtain the deserved compensation from the homeowner’s or automotive insurance policy. That money will help pay for funeral expenses and the lost income that person would have provided to the family over the forthcoming years.

There may also be payment for the loss of more intangible aspects. Young children who have lost a parent, for instance, may receive compensation for the loss of guidance they would have received, or a spouse may receive compensation for loss of companionship. There may even be compensation for the cleaning and maintenance tasks this person used to do for the household.

These intangible factors are difficult to translate into monetary terms, but that financial assistance can be very helpful to a family struggling to deal with the sudden loss of a person who provided parenting and made substantial financial contributions to the household.

A firm such as the Law Offices of Burton & Burton provides free initial consultations so a family can have their wrongful death case evaluated at no cost. Also, this type of law firm does not collect any fees from clients until a settlement or court award has been paid. Click here for further information.

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