3 Reasons to Start Packing 1 Month Before the Move Date

When you pack for a move, you are going to find out how much stuff you really own. This may be, or may not be, a welcome realization. Accumulating things is very easy, so if you are going to be moving, get a jump on packing. If you need help, House Moving Service in Birmingham AL is always at your disposal.

Here are three reasons to start packing one month before your move date.

Avoid Last Minute Stress

Life has a way of turning things upside down with unexpected surprises. If you are going to move, you most likely made this decision in a timely manner. It is a good idea to start packing one month before so that you can avoid last minute stress. No matter how organized you are, the actual move date is going to be long and tiring, so avoid unnecessary stress.

Pack in Increments

When you pack one month before your move date, you have the opportunity to pack in increments. First, pack the things you no longer use and the things that you do not expect to use for the next two months. Then, pack the items you are not going to use due to the season. Next, pack the items that you have still not used and will not use for at least the next month. Finally, separate the items you use on a daily basis, some clothing and other essentials, like your electronic devices, from everything else where everything else gets packed.

Take Inventory

As you pack in increments, take inventory. You are going to have the opportunity to determine what stuff can be donated, what stuff is no longer useful for you and what stuff you truly need.

If you need help at any point, House Moving Service Birmingham AL is available.

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