Your Questions Answered About Pet Boarding In Alexandria

If you need to go out of town for an overnight stay, and you can’t take your pet, the simple solution is to contact an animal hospital that provides pet boarding in Alexandria. When boarding your pet, the animal will be safe and receive excellent care. The information below provides answers to questions that pet owners often ask about animal boarding.

Q.) Why is it beneficial to board an animal at a veterinary facility that offers this service?

A.) Animals that stay at home alone while their owners away often get bored and restless. Anxious animals often begin destructive behavior, such as chewing on furniture, while their owners are away. The staff at a veterinary boarding facility takes special care of every animal that stays there. The animals are fed, watered, and they receive the exercise they need while their owners are away from home.

Q.) Does a boarding facility have accommodations for cats to stay overnight?

A.) Many boarding facilities that offer pet boarding in Alexandria do provide feline boarding and cats enjoy their overnight stay in special cat condos. Each cat has their own private condo that’s clean and safe. Before boarding a cat, many facilities require that the animal is current on certain vaccinations including a rabies vaccine.

Q.) Is it expensive to board a pet at an animal hospital that provides boarding services?

A.) Boarding fees are calculated on a daily basis, so pet owners will never pay for days that their pets are not staying at the facility. Since larger dogs need more space than small dogs, the daily cost is determined by the weight of the dog. Feline boarding fees are one price for each cat. For an extra charge, dog owners can request a larger run for their dog, additional playtime and walks. If the animals haven’t had their current vaccinations, the veterinarian on the premises will administer the vaccinations and examine the animal for an additional charge.

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