Working With a Collision Repair Service After an Accident

Part of moving past a traffic accident involves undoing the damage to the vehicle. In order to manage the task, it is important to work with a Collision Repair Service. Here is some information on how the service will provide support during the process.

Assessing the Scope of the Damage

Before any type of work can proceed, the Collision Repair Service will inspect the vehicle and determine what needs to be done in order to undo the damage caused by the accident. This aspect is important because the extent of damage may or may not be readily noticeable to the untrained eye. For example, the owner of the vehicle can easily see when a door is caved as a result of the accident, but he or she may not realize the frame around the door is also bent. A professional will know how to look closely at the door frame and determine if some additional body work is necessary, or if replacing the door will do the trick.

Pricing the Replacement Parts

After the assessment of the damage is complete, the professional will move forward with determining the costs associated with the replacement parts. Since the damage is likely to be covered under the terms of an auto insurance policy, the professional will work within the guidelines provided by the insurer. This means that if it is possible to find used replacement parts that are in excellent condition, those will be considered.

Drafting the Estimate for Repairs

After obtaining the cost for any parts needed, the service will project the cost of labor associated with making the repairs. That makes it possible to supply the car owner and the insurance company with a detailed quote of what it will take to restore the car to a pre-accident state. Assuming the insurance company approves the quote, the parts can be ordered and a start date scheduled for the repairs.

Keep in mind that even if the insurance company decides the quote is too high and wants to total the vehicle, the owner still has the option of rejecting any offer from the insurance provider and paying for the repairs out of pocket. Many firms like The Body and Fender Shop will be happy to proceed with the repairs once the owner makes arrangements to supply the payment.

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