Why You Need An Attorney In Hartford

When you are in trouble with the police, or have a legal problem that seems insolvable, or even a need to make a will, it is necessary to hire an attorney. Perhaps the issue that people neglect most is to hire an attorney for a problem with the police. The problem can be as simple as speeding or as complex as a DUI. Other legal problems that should not be neglected are lawsuits, harassing debt collectors, and any other event that is a form of harassment. Dismissal from a job due to an illegal reason requires an attorney to fight for you. You should have a will or a trust that protects your family should you die.

Let’s take traffic problems first. If you have multiple traffic violations, then you should hire an attorney to take your case to court or to talk to the prosecutor and attempt to get the charge dismissed or reduced. A traffic ticket for excessive speeding or reckless driving will have an impact on your insurance rates. If you were in an accident and you could be charged with causing it, then you need an attorney.

If someone files a lawsuit against you for any reason, then you need an attorney to resolve the issue. An attorney knows their way around the court system, and often they are well respected by the trial judges. The absolute worse course of action is to represent yourself. An Attorney in Hartford would be essential in any court case.


If you are being harassed by a debt collector, then hire an attorney to get rid of them. An attorney can do this with relative ease. The debt collector will have far more respect for your seriousness in declining to pay the debt. If the debt eventually winds up in court, then the attorney becomes even more useful.

If you have been fired for unjust reasons, then you need to discuss this with an attorney for the purpose of assessing being rehired, or your success at filing a wrongful termination lawsuit. Many people are fired without a legal reason, and in some states, the employer doesn’t need a reason.

An Attorney in Hartford should make sure your family is protected in the event of your death. They should also have a durable power of attorney granted by you, giving your spouse or a relative the right to act on your behalf. Contact Michael L. Chambers Jr. Attorney.

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