Why the Handi Quilter is the right choice for you

by | Mar 20, 2013 | Handys

Quilting is a very popular pastime these days. It can be practiced in the comfort of your own home and the results are beautifully embroidered bedding material. You will sleep deeply and soundly in a quilt you’ve made yourself.

The Handi Quilter makes it easy for anyone to get into quilting. It can be carried with you on vacation and fitted to any table. You’ll want to avoid using your dining table or any other expensive piece of furniture because the thing is heavy and operation could damage it. Get a banquet table that folds out, these can be as big as 11-ft – big enough make a king-size quilt.

You can buy a Handi Quilter in Seattle WA for around $579. It works just like a long-arm quilter with the whole thing sitting on an aluminum sandwich frame. This rides along a track which can be moved in every direction allowing your creative ideas to simply flow.

Size of the Handi Quilter

The Handi Quilter is a big piece of equipment. It’s not just the quilt that is the problem. To work the quilt needs to be attached to a table which will need to be big enough for any quilt you want to sew. This could be up to 11 ft for a king size quilt. Thankfully, the Handi Quilter of Seattle WA uses its size efficiently. The table doesn’t have to be very wide, just wide enough to allow a section of quilt to be quilted to fit on.

Multi-frame system

The Handi Quilter sits on a multi frame system which has two carriages on top of each other. One carriage moves the Handi Quilter left and right, while another moves it up and down. However, through a careful bit of geometry, the machine doesn’t just move in these limited planes. It can move in every conceivable direction, in crazy fancy swirls if you wish. The only limit is your imagination.

Why you should choose the Handi Quilter

The Handi Quilter is a system that allows you to add your own sewing machine to a frame which will allow you to create thick warm quilts that will look amazing and keep you warm in the winter. There are problems with it though. The drop-in bobbin is difficult to use. The way the Handi Quilters frame is set up, it covers the drop-pin bobbin of the sewing machine, which is why you’ll prefer a side loading variety for the quilter. Remember though, whatever sewing machine you get for the quilter, make sure it has plenty of space under the arm to allow for a thick quilt. Once you figure all this out, you can begin creating your designs.

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