Why More Customers Now Choose a Cremation Service in Middletown

Just a few years ago, a typical Middletown funeral would begin at a church and end at a cemetery. While many area residents still choose this traditional option, professionals like John P. Condon Funeral Home are seeing an increase in requests for cremation. Clients may choose the easily customizable option to curb expenses or because they consider cremation an earth-friendly choice.

Cremation Is an Affordable Choice

Cremation is a popular choice among those who preplan their own services. When they outline and pay for a cremation service Middletown, clients save their families from making dozens of decisions during a trying time. Many are able to pay for their arrangements, which generally locks in prices and guarantees that families will not be charged even if funeral costs rise. Since cremation is much less expensive than traditional funerals, clients on limited budgets also choose it for immediate need services.

Clients Can Customize Cremation Arrangements

Another reason that cremation has become more popular is that more religions now allow it. Funeral directors will customize services to fit any belief system and tailor them to customers’ personal wishes. Although many customers choose very basic options, funerals can actually be very ornate and still include cremation. For example, when a family chooses a cremation service Middletown, funeral homes often include viewings first. The body is then cremated and returned to survivors. Funeral directors are very adaptable and often cremate bodies and then arrange services in places that were meaningful to the person who died.

Eco-Friendly Clients Often Choose Cremation

Funeral professionals are also getting cremation requests from residents who are worried about polluting the environment. Many feel that the wood, metal, fabrics, and concrete involved can become toxic as they decompose. These clients are also opposed to burying embalmed bodies since they feel that the chemicals involved may seep into water supplies. Eco-friendly customers often choose to be cremated and have their ashes scattered, which saves any land that would be used for burial plots.

Funeral homes today get more requests for cremation than in years past. Many clients choose the option because it is less expensive than burial but can be part of services that include traditional elements. Others choose not to be buried to save land and avoid pollution.

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