Why Customers Love Fleet Car Auctions

If you are attempting to unload some cars from your fleet, but are struggling to find a buyer, heading to the auction might be your best option. These auctions are full of people who are looking to find a great deal and are willing to purchase a vehicle with high mileage if the right car comes along. By listing your unwanted fleet in these auctions, you can give yourself an excellent chance of finding a buyer in a hurry. Fleet-USA car auctions can be found in most major cities, as there are always sellers who are trying to locate buyers.

Auctions Explained
Much like you would imagine, fleet car auctions involve buyers bidding on cars that have been listed by the sellers. You can list as many of your vehicles as you want to sell, as having multiple vehicles available gives you a better chance of selling one. Keep in mind that you can set a minimum reserve, so that your car does not end up being sold for anything less than that number. Make sure that you set a realistic reserve price, as buyers at these auctions are typically looking for low prices.

When your car does not sell at the auction, it can be re-run through the process again. Therefore, if any members of your fleet do not sell the first time around, which is likely, you can simply re-list them and they will be sold at a later date. When a vehicle does not sell after a few times at the auction, you might want to consider lowering the reserve to a number that is more agreeable for potential buyers.

Auctions Services
Those who do not have the time or the resources to sell their fleet at the auction might want to look into a service to handle the process for them. These services will pick your cars up at your place of business, deliver them wherever they need to go and then handle the entire auction process for you. This is a great option if you want to unload your vehicles in a real hurry and do not think it is worth it to spend your time dealing with the auction yourself.

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