Why Choose Anodized Aluminum Round Cake Pans

Most people have no idea what anodized aluminum is or why they should consider it for their round cake pans and other cake pan needs. Aluminum is the most common metal found in bake and cookware because it holds the heat properly and helps the pan bake evenly. However, anodized versions have been popping up in recent years and are the perfect way to bake round cakes.

Anodizing Process

When aluminum for baking and other things gets anodized, the metal is placed into an electrolyte acid bath. Electrical current is applied to the acid bath, which forms an oxide coating. The oxide coating makes the round cake pans more durable and provides resistance to abrasions and scratches.

Because it is anodized, the cake pans are usually more expensive than regular aluminum pans. However, they have many added advantages, making them a chosen option for many bakers and home cooks.

Strong and Nonreactive

Nycake commercial quality anodized aluminum in the round cake pan will make the pan stronger than steel, which helps for those who are slightly clumsy or are naturally rough with their bake and cookware. While most people don’t purposefully drop their pans to see how strong they are, it is nice to know that you can be a little rough and still have your pans for many years.

Because of the anodizing process, the pans are nonreactive, which means it is safe to use for acidic needs, such as lemon, tomato and other acidic fruits. While you may not use your round cake pan for creating such acidic dishes, it would not hurt the pan.

Aluminum Options

While cake pans can be made from various materials, aluminum is the preferred option of professional bakers because it holds heat well and provides even heating. Because metal can leach into the food after many years, people became worried about using aluminum, but the anodizing process removes the problem.


Many round cake pans are durable, but the added benefit of using anodized aluminum is that you will have fewer stains, cracks, scratches and chips. Many people create hard-to-clean baked on messes when they cook and bake, so it is necessary to use harsh cleaning aids, such as steel wool. The anodizing process allows you to use harsher cleaning tools with no harm to the cake pan.

Anodized metals are less like to chip or crack, making them long lasting, as well.

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