Why Bed and Breakfasts have become Appealing to Travelers

by | Nov 8, 2012 | travel & Vacations

Individuals planning for a relaxing vacation often overlook the B & B’s or bed and breakfasts. They prefer the chain hotels due to the high-end facilities and impeccable service. Hotels certainly have well trained and experienced staff to see to the comfort of their guests. Many hotels are renowned for their excellent services making them the top choice for any traveler. However, in spite of the excellent services provided by hotels, they lack the intimacy and charm of the bed and breakfast in Dallas.

If what you seek is a homey and cozy atmosphere, the B & B’s will effectively address your needs. From the comfortable beddings to the sumptuous breakfast, you will feel like you have never left home. The breakfasts alone are totally different from hotel since what you will be served in the B & B’s are home cooked meals made from fresh ingredients that have been harvested from the backyard garden. The B & B’s provides a different ambiance than hotels since they have a more hospitable and intimate setting. The proprietor is always more than too happy to make your stay a good experience to the extent of providing recommendations on specific tourist spots that need to be visited including easy directions to reach the place.

The past years, bed and breakfasts were known only for traveling salesmen and not actually for tourist accommodations. Due to the advances in technology, B & B’s were able to advertise their availability to cater to tourists and vacationers. Most of the B & B’s offer more affordable options than hotel accommodations. Due to the more relaxed atmosphere in the bed and breakfast in Dallas, many travelers prefer it as comfortable retreat than the atmosphere of sleek hotels. This has therefore resulted in advanced booking for the B & B’s as they often have more clients than they can handle.

However, B & B’s are simply not for everyone. A traveler looking for features like heated swimming pools, workout gyms and spas will be better off in the high-end hotels. They also have more flexible options like suites for the wealthy and smaller rooms for the budget-conscious. However the B & B’s are not there to compete with the amenities provided by hotels but as an affordable alternative for many guests who want an atmosphere closer to a home environment. Many individuals just can’t relax with too many people running around from hotel staff to guests especially during peak seasons. For these visitors wanting personalized hospitality, the Bed And Breakfast is the perfect option.

Quite often the B & B’s are situated in areas that are not too close to the hustle and bustle and city life making relaxation quite conducive. However, restaurants and bars are usually within a few minutes’ drive. The establishments are typically owner-operated and it is not strange for the owner himself to prepare the breakfasts and see to your comfort. Another good thing is the availability of parking spaces with no extra charges.


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