Why AC Maintenance in Sarasota, FL Is So Important

Few things feel more delightful than walking into a cool home after a sweaty summer or spring day in Florida. While many homeowners don’t think about their air conditioner very often, they need to make sure that they keep up with AC maintenance in Sarasota FL. If this maintenance is neglected, the result may be a total air conditioner breakdown on one of the hottest days of the year. Here are the reasons why air conditioner maintenance matters so much.

Reducing the Power Bills

The air conditioner is one of the largest power-consuming devices in the entire home. When an air conditioner is running continually, it uses far more power than even leaving the lights on around the clock. Even highly energy-efficient AC units will start to lose that efficiency over time. This means that the unit has to work that much harder to produce cool air, and this, in turn, shows up on the power bills.
However, homeowners who have their AC unit maintained on the manufacturer’s recommended schedule will keep the unit working at as much as 95 percent of its stated efficiency. Otherwise, the unit will lose around five percent efficiency every year, meaning that the power bills would ramp up every single year.

Reducing the Cost of Air Conditioner Repairs

One of the big advantages of having air conditioner maintenance performed on a regular basis is that the overall cost of repairs over time can be reduced. A unit that has little to no maintenance will cost more to repair and will require more frequent fixes. Neglect of an AC unit is very costly over the long term, and it can even mean that the unit needs replacing years before it would have if it had been maintained properly. In fact, not doing the regular air conditioner maintenance can even cause the warranty to be voided. It’s not worth taking that risk, especially because regular maintenance doesn’t have to be terribly expensive. If you need to have AC Maintenance in Sarasota FL done soon, consider contacting Arctic Air 4 Me. You can find more information at their website. Visit now.

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