When You Need Snow Plowing in Toms River, We’ve Got Your Back

by | Dec 3, 2013 | Business Services

It’s great to be in for the rest of the night, relaxing in a big, comfy chair and smugly listening to the wind howl. It wouldn’t be so great to know just how much money is vanishing through cracks while the furnace works overtime. Staying comfortable is expensive, winter or summer. Insulation is a strange product. Once it’s installed, it might never be seen again. If it does it’s job perfectly, no one will give it a second thought. Well, that’s not exactly true. When the heating bill comes in and it’s lower than expected, it means the insulation did its job.

People mention the ‘R-Value’ of insulation. What this means to homeowners is how much heat (or cooling) the insulation will prevent from leaving the home. The higher the number is, the better. Blown cellulose has an R-value of 3.8 per inch, almost double the R-value of blown fiberglass.

Some might worry that cellulose in the walls or attic would be a fire hazard. Actually, the opposite is true. Omega Point Laboratories ran tests comparing the fire resistance of cellulose insulated walls and uninsulated walls. The cellulose insulated wall sections were the big winner, proving to be 77% more resistant to fire. What this means in practice is that in a fire, the cellulose insulation kept the wall standing for 93 minutes while the uninsulated wall collapsed in 53 minutes. The cellulose insulation would allow more time for a family to escape the fire.

Cellulose insulation has other benefits. It is environmentally friendly, manufactured from 75% recycled materials and approved by all major code bodies. Because this insulation is blown in and fills cracks, it reduces air-leakage through ceilings and walls. It also soundproofs a home or business better than fiberglass. It even acts as a mold inhibitor, pesticide and natural fungicide. Trained professionals blow it in, and when the job is finished, clean up completely. It can be installed in either new or old buildings.

Shore Insulation Inc. is a veteran-owned local business. They have been professional insulation installers for over 15 years. New Jersey weather does not always allow them to install insulation. When the snow is coming down, they put on their other hats and start up the snow plows. Anyone needing snow plowing in Toms River (and a lot of other places in New Jersey) should give them a call. They work just as hard at both jobs.

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