What You Should Know about Your Flashings Olympia Materials

The flashing on your roof is much like shingles. The flashing is designed to help protect your roof from leaks and it generally overlaps the first layer of shingles so the water continues to run down into your gutters instead of leaking inside the structure. Here are some things you should know about flashings Olympia materials to help you understand their importance.


Flashing is designed to help prevent leaks. That’s why it’s important to inspect it regularly. When you inspect your flashings Olympia materials on a regular basis, you can catch problems before they turn into leaks. One of cialis 20 mg the signs that the flashing needs to be repaired or replaced is that it is starting to pull away from the structure. After awhile, this causes the roof to crack which leads to leaks.

Types of Flashing

There are basically two types of flashings Olympia materials to install on your roof. The first is called open valley flashing. With this type of flashing, you can clearly see it because it’s visible where the valley meets the roof. With this type of flashing, you can easily inspect it whenever you want to. The other type of flashing is called closed valley flashing. With this type of flashing, it’s best to hire a professional to check it for you. It’s not easily accessible for you to check out yourself. As a result, it’s difficult to know if it’s actually leaking.


Flashing for your roof can be made from a variety of different materials. One of the most common materials is sheet metal because of its durability. You can also find flashing that is made from plastic and composite materials. For some roofs, you can also have copper or stainless steel flashing installed so it matches your roof instead of clashing with the exterior décor.

Vents and Skylights

Flashing isn’t just for the perimeter of your roof. It’s essential for areas of your roof where openings can occur and cause leaks. Do you have vents in your roof? Do you have a chimney or a skylight? These are just a few things for which you need to have openings in your roof. Flashing is the best way to prevent leaks around these openings.

The best way to handle your roofs flashing is to let a professional install it and inspect it for you. A trained eye is best when it comes to something as important as a potential leak in your roof.


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